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What comes first the camera or the photographer?

I will be the first to admit to the feeling that there is an attraction to expensive equipment. The lens that seems to glisten, the newly released camera body with its higher megapixel count. At times I have to snap back to reality and think about how, if at all this newly marketed equipment will help my photography.

We have all been there, you turn up for a shoot to find an ‘amateur’ photographer sporting a newer camera than the one you own and the red ring around the lens tells you that a statement is being made.

‘What if I know that I can catch the perfect shot with my 85mm 1.8 that I so dearly love?’ but instead you reach in your camera bag and pull out the biggest, most expensive lens you can find. Why? ‘because I’m here to make a statement too and surely I can’t use lesser equipment than the amateur’.

Through my years of shooting I have learned many things but none more important than the fact that creativity and skill beat fancy equipment every time. That’s not to say that expensive is a bad thing, if that were the case i’d be a walking contradiction. What I am saying however is that we should never feel pressured into upgrading to equipment that in reality will do nothing more than gather dust in our equipment bag, making appearances when making a statement is just as important as the shoot itself.

In time people will know you more for your ability to capture unique, amazing images than your ability to handle the biggest lenses. Until next time…. happy hunting.